‘TOKI do not wash’

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the party ‘Extended Provincial Presidents’ meeting said.

Here is the line heads the Prime Minister’s speech:

– Everyone would like to congratulate the month of Ramadan.
– 17 years before the massacre took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina today. European countries have remained spectators in this massacre. It shall provide the responsible account
– Turkey Egypt stand as a brother country. Ignoring the parliament elected by the people in Egypt against the will of the people is disrespectful.

Flood disaster
– Especially in Samsun in the Black Sea have witnessed floods. 130 residential homes for families standing unavailable. Placing the first years there.
– Disasters happening all over the world. In America, it was in Japan. In our country, but also in the
– 3 months of the citizens affected by the disaster will not pay the bill
– It is that disasters happen, oblivious to all the measures that you can leave
– 2.5 million worth of support sent to the region. Samsun, prepared a report on the disaster.

– An investigation into his life are losers, do whatever you have to.
– Employees the opportunity to turn this situation will not rent
– To build a building, such as the creek bed, there is not anything to do with TOKI.
– The necessary studies have been performed.
– Measures to destroy those bills o”dettiriyor a disaster coming, and citizens.
– TOKI not relevant. Of course, the event can not be closed via the research is in progress.

– Toki is one of the country’s most successful institutions. Political parties and invite the media to behave in a more constructive and responsible.
– What’s going on CHP like you. TOKI indestructible stuff like that.
– TOKI put the roof thanks to a healthy 415 thousand families. TOKI residences AK Party members just sitting there. CHP, the MHP is sitting at
– An agency of the few negative Ananias pin this so successful.