Hospital at the Natural Products Center Istanbul

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About the Company

Alternative medicine, complimentary, using more traditional natural crops (tea or herbal mixtures) obtained by a method of treatment with drugs. Concrete data on the causes and treatment of diseases of modern medical science is not, objectively, and is a proven method of treatment for the patient is not yet available bas,lan?labilen request of the patient or the patient’s relief in support of modern medical treatment, strengthen the immune system, treatment method can be applied for the purpose of improvement of psychology.

Medicine, centuries ago, today ‘alternative medicine’ is recognized as being carried out. Doctors had hoped would work or learn in their own diseases and plants are examined, water and other substances was treated patients. Humanity’s knowledge increases and new diagnostic tools (microscopy, radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, tomography, electron microscopy, biopsy, blood, feces, urine analysis, etc.) discovering additional methods used in the treatment of diseases and these diseases more extensively developed. Instead of giving a patient any plant leaves, distilled drug benefit became active substance. In fact, as can be understood ‘alternative medicine’ is the name used for the treatment of diseases of crops and modern medicine does not work continued for centuries, which is activated when a natural healing method and no side effect.

Here, considering all that we have all kinds of herbal products that may be required under the Natural Products Center at the hospital can host your service is presented.