As the war in extraction!

Moscow, in Syria, “a back and forth,” he began to pursue a policy of boils. Satisfied with the explanation that the West, then Russia, Syria, Tartus naval base and the shot took a three-pronged exercise to do a full 11 reported warship.

Russian military resources, according to a statement made the Russian Northern fleet of 6 agencies, the Black Sea and the Baltic fleet is a fleet of 4 counts of war warship off the coast of Syria on their way to take exercise.

At the beginning of the fleet, the largest in North Navy destroyer (destroyer), the “Admiral C,abanenko” there. Removing the vessels’ Georgiy Pobedonosets, “” Alexander Otrakovskiy “and” Kondopoga “and tanker ship” Sergey Osipov, “and auxiliary vessel” Nikolay C,iker “and” Yaroslav Mudriy “taking place in the fleet.

‘Admiral C,abanenko’nun, 61 Reportedly carried by the Marine Corps regiment. This is the seventh ship to the eastern Mediterranean will come out of the Strait of Gibraltar. “Smetliviy”‘s destroyers, landing ships “Nikolay Filc,enkov” and “TSEZAR Kunikov” and the auxiliary vessel “SB-5” yesterday, accompanied by the Turkish coast guard boats after crossing the Aegean Sea, the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits opened.

Weekends will meet Syrian territorial waters of vessels scheduled to begin the exercise shot. (Nationality)

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