6 ways to tell a fake Facebook accounts

How can split the other is a fake Facebook account? Here are six ways that …

Facebook, the social network earlier this year announced that between 5 and 6 per cent of fake accounts. This ratio means that the social giant fake user for the 40-50 million. According to some reports, the number was much more.

Basically, two types of accounts are fake. One of them is remotely created and managed by the software. If such is not true of other fake accounts to represent a person created by a real person.

Bot accounts managed by the software easier to identify, because these accounts do not act like people. Detect fraudulent accounts other than the power from time to time because it can act like real people.

The following items show some key features that have fake accounts. If an account these factors, if three or more, it is a fake domination.

1 Old view: the view in question if the Facebook page is still time before the tunnel, it may be a sign that its fake. This view, of course, there are still using the actual users, but the appearance of fake accounts, nor are most of the time warp.

Other signs: Attractive women and more …
2 Attractive women: attractive women each have a boat, but most of the fake accounts consists of photographs of attractive women.

3 Very few photos: Many bot does not load a lot of photos. These accounts, typically with 3-4 becoming the photo, and these photos belong to different people can be.

4 Strange biographies: age of the person mentioned in the account, he finished in the discrepancies between schools and work, you can give an idea about whether or not its fake.

5 Not responding to messages: Bots could accept friend requests can not answer the messages.

6 Generally, a blank wall: bots would find on the walls, and new friendships are often things they like. Do not expect to see many personal updates to these accounts. Male users may have written many articles on the wall, but you will see them remain unanswered. (Nationality)

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