Greek newspaper claim that exercise

Rum newspaper, Turkey, tomorrow and the next day claimed that the so-called plans to drill some Greek regions.

Newspaper, “Exclusive Economic Zone (MEB) Turkish Invasion. Turks, 8, 9, and 12 plots of Cyprus Two-Day Exercise ‘the news headlines, the day after tomorrow, and some of the so-called Turkish Cypriot plans to occupy parcels claimed. To perform an air-naval exercise in Turkey, the so-called Greek Exclusive Economic Zone, more specifically, 8, 9, and 12 parcels located in areas claimed bound. The newspaper claimed that the Israelis to do the exercises at a distance close to the Turks. “As of tomorrow will look like war zone south of Cyprus,” he by the newspaper, the region’s views of the two countries will be performing exercises wrote. Israel to exercise, as it always does, the newspaper stated that it wants permission to Southern Cyprus, Ankara and deliberately doing the opposite of the tangential South Nicosia claimed. News, Turkey and the Greek side to maintain voltage environment challenges the EU presidency in the newspaper to remove the claim will constantly exercises in the region, Turkey regions in question, on July 12 to 13, and between the hours of 05:00 to 13:00 bound for administration argued.

Ankara, the so-called Greek Exclusive Economic Region alleged plots exercise will be carried out, the so-called “Republic of Cyprus” to challenge the dominance of the region and trying to give it a try suggesting that tolerance to the Greek side of the newspaper, Ankara, send a message to the Greek Cypriot side on gas searches wants, he said.

Turkey and Turkey against the Greek side will follow the activities of the region and the EU at the UN often? Had enough presence of the newspaper was expected, while Israel “zones in the airspace of Nicosia, Cairo bound for administration,” he said.

The newspaper said Israel’s regional air exercise started yesterday and will be completed tomorrow. (DHA)

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