Mogarg Agriculture

Support to the agricultural sector of organic products y?lnda 2004, our company and the developer started to work on R & D in order to put forward.

Gels,tirerek MOG organic fertilizer in 2005, a 100% vegetable origin and chemical-free multienzyme sector-based developer farmers plant first of its success.

Distinguished universities in Turkey and around the world from 2008 onwards and continued research and development of enzymes and microorganisms enriched the contents of the MOG organic developer launched its 5000 agricultural point of Mog used on farmland and crops in the fields, and every day more than 30% of success in agricultural areas gerc,ekles,tirmektedir.kullan?lan – from 50% increase in product and provides soil usefulness. Our company is a result of intensive R & D efforts for the brand enzimal MOGENZO plant and microorganism content developer, developer, and then the root and fruit brand NANOFER 1 & 2 & 2 & 3 & 4 brand developer and PROTAG1 reveals bacterial products.

Our company is constantly expanding its dealership network in the country boundaries and overseas dealers are also in this context, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkmenistan and its franchisees began operations in African countries.