User Agreement

Members system when you sign up and add content to enter the information given is correct and that damage caused due to incorrect information, and in no way the responsibility is itself ‘s shall not be responsible for.

Contrary to the customs and traditions of, indecent, offensive, provocative, offensive content feeds without need of warning in case of detection of prohibited and closed member account. personal information is stored on the third party is guaranteed to pazarlanmamas?.

Manufactured and installed by members of the system to run their own volition information, documents, graphics, pictures and so on. with the aim of promotional content publishing and / or deemed appropriate by in the site has the right to move to another address. Copying the information published by other users and / or the publication can not be excluded. In these cases, members from any copyright and will not be charged.

As a result of a complaint made about you on the legal authorities, personal information if required by legal authorities and / or be given all the information about your use of the site. This agreement REPUBLIC OF TURKEY In accordance with the law, be carried out without any legal tezada place.

Sectoral membership of the completion of the process described above, users are deemed to have read and accepted the terms of membership.