Kenes: ‘AK Party government thinks itself’

Ates was a guest on television TVNET Veyis Bulent Kenes Todays Zaman Newspaper Editor in Chief “Once upon a time the account name of the people asking the state government thinks the AKP government itself now,” he said.

Look at the news on TV Veyis Ates TVNET participating in the program presented by Bulent Kenes Todays Zaman Newspaper Editor in Chief, Foreign Minister Ahmet Mr Davutoglu on Syria policy, the government kept the ball out of Special Courts.

Kenes exhibit stand, stating that since the beginning of the congregation, the same attitude that the AK Party government go”steremedig(ini. “Democracy, the rights of minority communities on issues such as the expansion of the land is still in the same place, but someone flow, flux, showing the power of the land seems to be hooked,” said Bulent Kenes “congregation stands in the same place since the beginning ..” he said.

Reflected sound recordings of soldiers prisoner “to be removed O”YM’ler” come to coincide with the same schedule with descriptions of the abolition of attention O”YM’ler Kenes “strangeness here,” he said.

Kenes the usual suspects that there is some state institutions, “the judiciary, some suspicious findings MIT rastlam?s,sa stop there, say ‘in principle an attitude problem,” he said.

Veyis Ates, “I am the Prime Minister at the end of this work,” he explained, upon being reminded of the Kenes “Erdogan job agitated,” he said. Since June 12, 2011 elections, the AK Party in the retardation of military tutelage removed only reminiscent of the National Security courses Bulent Kenes, initially asking for the public on behalf of the AK Party government accountability mechanisms zehab?na tempted later came under the control of the state that is completely your own.

“In the past there was a distinction that government and the state, now thinks the state government itself,” said Chief of Todays Time “on top of the old wing of the AKP germezdi Uludere, though. Current AKP critics Uludere brought into the goal, “he said. (Nationality)

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