Hunters Cfteci Hasan Usta Kahtal

In 1981, the town of Adiyaman Kahta Kahtal Belenli Cigkofteci Hasan Usta was born in the village. After finishing elementary school, the collection was laid early in his career did not continue. Adiyaman Kahta deliver the best taste and flavor of the Cigkoftem Istanbul to announce a very young age to come out of Turkey worked in various occupations. But his mind had always imagined one Cigkofte Management.
Raw meat with walnut preserves freshness and consistency for a long time now for sectorisation waiting for a master hand. Hasan Usta kofteci raw cuisine Turkish cuisine is the richest in the world, but there was a suspicion of branding in the world a taste of Turkey did not escape the notice of the absence. For this purpose, the raw meatballs rolled up their sleeves to make a global brand.

C,ig(ko”ftem the first plant opened in 2005 in Ontario Hunter parcels within a short time in the best way with three branches and dealers began to execute dozens of .. Kahtal? quick wit that captures the taste of the best constantly conducting studies in this area C,ig(ko”fteci Hasan Usta its taste began to work to move to Europe.

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