Leading brand in the sphere of life

Indicating that they were currently some steps to raise the popularity of the brand O”ztas,k?n, “These new steps that respond to the needs of each new store structures, our logo is the basis of a new,” he said. O”ztas,k?n Yatas,’?n records have changed the logo, “because for 35 years, wanted to embrace us confidence and faith now. We used our logo parentheses. It means the brackets for us, “he said. If they use the parentheses cause new logolor?nda O”ztas,k?n said:
“What does the author wants to communicate directly to the readers? Opens a parenthesis into the matter and the author’s own mind. All the love she holds a grandmother or great-grandson’s face avuc,lar?yla bracket that allows avuc,lar?yla formed. When you go home, your wife or your puppy in his lap a tiny smile of our parantezimiz confidential. Love is something that we call our brackets. We tried to put all our love in a tiny parentheses. Gamzelerdir faces created our logo for us. ”
Lifetimes in the space is not a brand, a brand that sphere of life, who expressed their desire to be O”ztas,k?n, “That’s why our motto and our point of view in the ‘life every turn as” set, “he said.
Targets 50 new stores
Noting that there are currently 400 stores Yatas,’?n O”ztas,k?n, gave the following information: “In 2011 we are planning to open 50 new stores. Currently a portion of dealers Yatas, Yatas, Bedding’e working on project to convert a portion of the Enza HOME. Closed 2010 with a turnover of 170 million TL. Our goal is to double turnover in two years. At the central office, factories and stores the total number of employees 500 people in a thousand. “