SYRIA TURKEY lower jet

– We are on air until you reach the wreckage fell “,” we said, “reduced” did not say.
– Chairman of the General Staff has made the necessary research, was necessary explanations.
– 1 mile outside of Syrian territorial waters in international airspace plane hit.

– There has not been any warning before attack on our plane.
– Is the missile, anti-aircraft Does examined
– Short-term violated the airspace of each country.
– Shoot airspace violations is no such thing now.

Let the outside fool ATTACK
– Our plane was attacked without any warning, totally unfriendly.
– The real evidence was put forward. The chairmen of the party were invited, was negotiating. K?l?c,darog(lu asked only whether the pilots were killed.

K?l?c,darog(lu to the press after us, “shared the public told us,” he said. K?l?c,darog(lu is seeing if I asked you a little courtesy, I asked you’re wondering.
– Appeal to those engaged in the campaign in Turkey, our plane was completely hostile attack on the
– Exemplary in Turkey carried out a campaign.

– K?l?c,darog(lu talks about Assad, Assad does not need to speak. CHP leader exhibited a national stance.

– Journal of the United States lying to compress the current government is making news. We are aware of this scenario is required to be applied.
– I will not let anyone practice scenarios on Turkey
– 16 European Union minister “for Turkey,” she says.
– A CHP, 16, wrote a letter to the minister of the European Union. Purports, “Turkey is not a country proud of, is not a country proud of,” says
– How is this a indigestion. They do not put one brick on stone

– Aim to terrorize exam. Who appeared to have, though the CHP.
– KPSS’ye dropping shadow arrested. (Freedom)

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