Inonu Stadium, construction of which had aspired

StadiumFiyapnn, the destruction of the re-construction of the Inonu Stadium aspire reported to have given approval. Fiyap?’dan statement, which has the right to name the stadium Fiyapnn, the destruction of applying for approval to have a remake of the Inonu Stadium Fiyapsaid.

Commenting on Fiyap Chairman Fikret Inan, they have the right to name the stadium for the management Fiyapnn in accordance with the agreement reached, the construction of the stadium is a priority, he said.

Club Besiktas president Yildirim Demiroren formal proposal to February 20, and stating that management will present Believe, the agreement for the naming rights to the stadium was 1 +1, in the case of the destruction of the stadium is planned as a 1 year deal said.

Statla started working on the project, its location and the stadium will be built in the most wonderful place in Istanbul as of the date it will show that highlighted the sensitivity of the tissue to be appropriate, believe, and Galatasaray Sports Club community reported that they would build a decent stat.

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Fiyap?, Inonu Stadium on June 21, 2012 was added and the construction of our aspire to have been visited by 1537 people.