Agriculture Sector

Gu”lc,in Farm Agriculture and Trade Co., Ltd.
The agricultural sector to provide raw materials to industry, and the population of Turkey export revenues gained about 3/1 per cent due to a source of livelihood is capable of being an important sector for the country. 15% of employment and 45% of the national income of the agricultural sector, the early years of the Republic, 40% of the Gross National Product level, decreased to 12% today.

Although this is a serious decline in the share of the agricultural sector in Turkey’s economy is still at high levels compared with other developed countries, respectively. Considering the geographical location of the country of Turkey approximately 3/1 per cent (25 million hectares) of arable lands were found to be covered. It also has a climate and ecology, as well as the soil and water resources and agricultural potential has the distinction of being a country.

In 1965, Ahmed Wali performs one of the greatest ideals Menger and Turkey, which is an agricultural country, modern farming and dairy farming once again highlighting the importance of the country’s economy, took its first step towards building a modern farm.

70 km away from Istanbul, Silivri near acres of land purchased in 7500 with the former name Ko”stemir Farm, land, thus passing through the road today with E-6 5500-acre farm Gu”lc,in Agriculture and Trade Co., Ltd. serve basis. Adopting the vision of high quality and to obtain the highest yield products with professional staff Gu”lc,in Farm Agriculture and Trade Co., Ltd. continue with steps to make sure the path.

Are manufactured using the latest technology with environmental awareness. 2008-2009 season, a total of 3000 acres of sunflower, 1,040 acres of wheat, 300 acres, 100 acres of barley and fodder cultivation realized. Forward-looking organic – sustainable agriculture and modern farming on the farm Gu”lc,in Agriculture and Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plan Turkey aims to become a leading position in the agricultural sector.