Thermal Tourism Master Plan

Turkey Tourism in Turkey Tourism Strategy 2023 and Action Plan 2007-2013 for the most important aspect of the work, that our country has tourism potential of alternative detection and protection and use in a planned way to gain balance in the country’s tourism is brought into a plan of action to be followed to determine the strategies.

The studies carried out for the Ministry of Health and Thermal Tourism in the country to support the regional development in addition to increasing tourism revenues are discussed, in the context of diversification of tourism projects across the country plays an important role. This project is the work more effective and efficient use of renewable geothermal resources for the traditional use of the spa is trying to develop a different understanding and approach.

Our country is now among the top seven countries in the world in terms of geothermal resources in Europe in terms of resource potential of the first, the third in the spa applications.

Equity in our country, and for the use of renewable geothermal resources in a more efficient and effective use of traditional spa and an understanding of the different approaches are being developed.