Textile and Clothing

Akarteks Textile is a pioneer with 35 years of production experience in the sector that has attained its corporate identity in 1995, I’ve been Involved in the main activities of woven denim, sportswear production and exportation, and Adopted quality as a primary principle. The company penetrated the sector with its own brands in the domestic and international trade.

Exporting notably to Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, France, Austria, Sweden and Denmark, the company employs about 500 personnel working within a secure environment and business, and makes contributions to the sector with novelties, applying and keeping abreast of Technologic advances.

In furtherance of environment-friendly, attentive production, has Akarteks aimed at providing the customers the best service at all times with its corporate identity worthy.

Catering to its products not only the customer, but also the mass intended by the customer, the company boasts a meticulously to loading machinery from functioning system at all production phases.