Fitness Industry

Sports market whets the appetite of foreign investors
Turkey fitness market has reached 1 billion euros. Intense interest in the funds in the market, foreign brands. UK ‘Sports Direct’ and the Portuguese ‘Sportszone’ market in Turkey is investigating.


ISTANBUL – Turkey fitness industry spends moving day. Every day is a new fitness center opening, all the parks in the city areas and equipment for sport to set up, bike paths is done. Sports clubs in Turkey, including the licensed branded products are sold in sporting goods stores and fitness equipment market in the retail sector, said turnover in 2012 reached about 1 billion euros. 15 per cent of the market in 2013, an average of 10-15 per cent growth in the next 5 years, 2 katlayacag(? turnover emphasized. Growing market, companies are increasing their investments. Greek Intersport store in 2013 will reach 20. Sports products, children’s destination is planning to invest.

French Decathlon’un have 5 stores in 2010, Turkey entered the market, will open three new stores. Fitness industry in local, regional players are also strong. I.s, Private Equity invested by local players Spor Tokso”z Sportive in the market. Koray 18 stores in Bursa Spor Izmir Yali Spor 44 stores spread all the Aegean region, the 17 retailers Barcin Spor shop and have more than 200 dealers.