Defense Industry

Everything in Russia, the S-300 to Iran to drop its money was given.

This debate began in 2007, ended in 2010, and then started again, the Russian odd offerings.

The point is, “America will hit Iran was” hot debate continued in 2007, in order to strengthen Iran’s air defenses, Russia has agreed to buy S-300 air defense missiles.

Almost most of the money paid. While waiting for the delivery of the first Iranian missile production, something unexpected happened. Russia passed a sudden decision, announced unilaterally give up giving missiles.

Reason America and the allies. Suppressed and the “Iranian nuclear weapons would not be like that for his work,” he took out a decision. The UN’s 1747 decision to outlaw the sale of arms to Iran.

Veye money to buy Iranian missiles against Russia filed a $ 4 billion.

Billion deal in Russia, so it was canceled. Then the years passed the break. Syria tensed because of the Russian-American relations. Pay the money to him in both Russia and the Russian proposal was found to give a similar weapon.