Plastics Industry

Company Profile
Founded in 1993 with the mission of the automotive industry, sub-industry I.RFAN PLASTIC; 1250 m^(2) closed area 7 of 28 blue-collar white-collar employees, for a total of 35 track Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone, particularly in the automotive 100-360 ton range, 13 pcs plastic with injection molding machine, plastic parts production and assembly is. Molding house having its own company is making the production of parts including molds, mold design, production and has the ability to print.

The annual capacity of 240 tons of plastic raw materials, and with 60,000 machines * h photo I.RFAN PLASTIC range of more than 300 pieces, is producing 2.5 million. Plastik I.RFAN the most important reference, which is the country’s largest automotive supplier industry provider MAKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. is. Ford Transit, palio, Doblo, ERA, for vehicles such as MAKO ‘s strategies carried out in parallel with production of parts. 300 In this context, close to MAKO parts removed from the list of imported goods began to be provided by our company. The principle of ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction I.RFAN PLASTIC, experienced staff for all their customers by making mold design and manufacture, experimenting with your own premises if required competence patterns. In this way, the MAKO original equipment manufacturer ‘s quality standards in accordance with the production.

Quality “Customers smiley face” PLASTIC I.RFAN identifies, in order to keep assuring the quality of the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system was certified in 2004. In addition, created for the global automotive industry ISO / TS 16949 quality management system adopted in 2007, in April 2008 and ISO / TS 16949 is rightly proud of certification according to the standards. In this way, with customers in the automotive sector, met the same quality system and has achieved the chances of delivering reliable products to the customer. Which aims to ensure product quality at all stages of production within the company I.RFAN PLASTIC, using precision measuring instruments and experienced staff aims to provide the service without ever compromising on quality. Vision “plastic molding and plastic parts production with the knowledge that we have going with a supplier to the automotive, developing technology is to integrate.” Word of I.RFAN PLASTIC defining the quality, capacity, employment and growth in volume is rapidly progressing toward the future. Sincerely, I.RFAN PLASTIC MOULD INDUSTRY. TIC. LTD. STI