Petroleum and Industrial Products

Yilmaz Oil & YOZGAT – Mehmet Yilmaz
Yilmaz entered the industry in 1953 in Yozgat fuel oil as a dealer, distributor PETLINE in 1996 in order to have a strong brand in the industry. Yilmaz Oil in the sector “reliable fuel dealers as” well-known, while preserving the principle of quality and reliability, it is always ‘service quality’ concept continues with a young and professional team. Yilmaz oil, over half a century, and created the infrastructure sector due to the accumulation of the benefits provided to the customer is a company that reflects the policy.

Insulation Rubber Self Self Self Sports Flooring Industry Trade. – Shaukat ABSTRACT
Self Rubber Industry for many years for you, especially as we Bursa, Istanbul and Marmara region, including insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation, sports floors, rubber industrial sectors are trying to give the best quality and reliable service. Customer satisfaction is always holding the head as the principle of self-Rubber Industry takes a great honor to serve you. Self-Rubber SanayiTic.Ltd.S,ti