Automotive Industry

Members’ Meeting was held in Bursa

Automotive production of 2 million units in 2018, against the

Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), Bursa members informed about the latest developments in national and global automotive industry. Transfer of the members of the Turkish Eximbank loans advantageous TAYSAD branding, ’10. Five-Year Development Plan prepared by the meeting of two scenarios laid on the table.

Dr. TAYSAD. Mehmet Dudarog(lu, the development plan, the auto industry will grow by 8 percent in 2018, according to the optimistic scenario and the production of 1 million 930 thousand units, while sales in the domestic market would be anticipated 2 million 40 thousand units, he said.

Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), Bursa member of the government’s recently announced ’10 conference. Five-Year Development Plan, laid on the table by evaluating the possible scenarios for the automotive industry. Accordingly, outlining two scenarios TAYSAD, five-year development plan in anticipation of the first scenario, the growth of the automotive industry’s average of 5.5 million production will exceed 5.1, the second scenario, the projected growth of 8 percent to 2 million units of production be based on revealed.

TAYSAD Bursa, met with members of the national and global evaluated the latest developments related to the automotive industry. Members TAYSAD toward brand, it shared the details of the Turkish Eximbank credit facilities. Attending the meeting, Director General of the Turkish Eximbank Hayrettin Kaplan, a grace period of 3 years which can be extended up to 10 years 120 days starting from the credit facilities described advantageous. Their interest in the LIBOR + 0.75 from Kaplan started by explaining, without having to enter TAYSAD Turquality program of positive discrimination towards members of the branding, he said.