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Industry Thesis (SAN-TEZ) Program
Science, Industry and Technology carried out by the Ministry of Industry Thesis (SAN-TEZ) program was initiated.
Recalls that the application is August 15, 2013 Last Interested companies should step up a position in the project
San-Thesis Program What is it?
R & D based on the needs of industrialists, university-industry co-operation with the university to be resolved within the scope of the science, “understood the importance of innovation and R & D, producing and selling its own technology, high level of competitiveness and prosperity of” Turkey’s vision is to provide a significant contribution to .
When to Apply?
Projects SAN-TEZ first semester deadline of March 15 of each year, the second term is the application deadline of August 15 of each year is designated as the end of the week these dates to the end of the working hours of the business day following the event accepting submissions are. ”
Support will be provided for projects Ratio What is it?
The projects to be supported by the Ministry SAN-TEZ is the highest support rate of 75% and 25% of the total project cost must be met by the organization in cash.
San-Thesis Program Who can participate?
Regardless of the size of the value-added sector and company level, businesses and universities in our country, in cooperation with the built-prepared projects, this program could be injured.
How to apply?
Universities and organizations who want to take advantage of this program, R & D web portal ( out of the application after you perform online, printed out and each page of the application file player paraflanacakt?r by academics. This reference file, the project signed the petition along with attachments and wet Science, Industry and Technology Directorate of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Mustafa Kemal Quarter 2151 Dumlupinar Boulevard. Street No: 154 2nd Floor Room No: 218 06510 C,ankaya / ANKARA) will be delivered by hand or by mail.
Online application to be valid, signed application file, project, attachments and signed application must be submitted petition the Ministry by hand or by mail.