Machinery Industry

The organization of the machinery industry in Turkey
Machinery and Accessories Exporters’ Union Vice President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Mechanical Industry Platform Happy Karaveliog(lu organization of the machinery industry in Turkey, Machinery Promotion Group, sectoral organizations and the support of the planned conversion of the federation at the end of 2011, talked about the future of the platform.

“Sectoral organization” How do you define yi?

Important risks, by referring to an area in the short-term investments are not coming back, industry, perhaps the most delicate of them, freedom of competition in this area, and the placing of the rules to ensure the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets, on the implementation of the sectoral and regional flexibility, recognition, investor, overseeing future of their own, to act on initiatives that affect them, to help diagnose and implementing authorities, the idea that, in many places, and effort is required to transfer experience. This powerful industry lobbying organizations in the call, and we are required to do so. Organizations, associations, ie the top federations, associations or rooms, perhaps, but based on the standing of the sector’s own funds, government bonds are not represented, the indisputable authority of, civilians, NGOs and organizations in the call. Machinery manufacturing industry is not going too far back organizing efforts, but there is a great acceleration in recent years, the new associations were formed, strengthened existing ones, is very active conducting sectoral studies.

We know that it is organized in all the advanced sectors. After the development of the sectors o”rgu”tlenmezler, after o”rgu”tlendikten thrive. Or, let’s say, an industrial branch, the potential to transform into a sector time reaches a minimum, needs to come together around commonalities, then the culture of solidarity between competitors occurs, are organized. But everything is on the cut-throat competition in the interests of the industry, eventually everyone has the same ship. A successful organization, exclusively in one sector or sub-sector in the best position to know the problems, it will represent the best solution to develop, the lobby is a legal entity capable of. In developed countries, the machine we call brand manufacturers in the industry today are finding some of the history of 150 years. Machinery associations, federations and even 100-year history of the existing ones. 55 to 60 years of our oldest firms, the industry association, 33 years old. As this is not a handicap, but rather to demonstrate the multiplicity of work to be done in terms of potential and I’m telling sekto”ru”z young, young entrepreneurs always been in, almost all the firms are still first generation, some of the founders, but still routers taken daily management; big advantage.