Mining and Metals Sector

Branch on the General Information
Mining Industry Branch, increase the export potential of the Turkish mining industry and operates in line with the objective to achieve global competitiveness. To keep track of all the business activities and operations related to the mining sector, the mining sector to create new initiatives and sectoral exporters to ensure that the increase in exports to organize exhibitions in the country and abroad, to participate in trade fairs organized in sectoral trade and trade missions, organizing promotional catalogs sector , to carry out promotional activities, such as publishing brochures, appears to be the main tasks of the branch. Mining Sector Branch, operates with 13 staff.

Mission: activities and projects realized in the face of relevant institutions and organizations to represent the best of our industry, the philosophy of continuous improvement activities act proactively in the face of continuing problems faced by exporters as soon as possible and make the most of the problems occurred Obviating.

Vision: A young and dynamic team with a different and innovative ideas to increase mineral exports, and in this sense at the realized work to support our Union is to represent the forefront of our industry.

Of the activities of the branch;

· Member firms, the public and the media on a regular basis to ensure that statistical data related to the sector,

· Carry out market research to develop the export potential of the sector, industry members to prepare and share reports,

· Monitor the development of the sector and the sustainable development of our country and the world situation and to create strategies that will,

· National and international projects related to the sector to develop and implement projects to make the necessary organization,

· Member firms at home and abroad to provide the necessary support to solve the various problems faced by the respective platforms to represent our members, to express their views and to suggest solutions,

· Trade regulations and laws of the importing countries to monitor and inform our members on these issues,

· Target sectoral trade missions to countries to increase awareness by organizing the Turkish mining industry, firms develop market potential,

· Organizing trade missions abroad, in order to bring our members to the importing companies,

· Related to the sector in the country and abroad, official bodies, trade associations, non-governmental organizations and media companies to be in touch, improve collaboration and to organize mutual visits,

· To organize conferences and events related to the sector, to be sponsored by the organizations, participate in and support.