Dedeman Holding
All the pain of the War of Independence, yokluklar?n? who live life in the challenges thrown in front of Atatu”rk’s name is Mehmet due to the great admiration “Kemal” that additional, innovative personality of his young Republic of Turkey with the objectives set by the “interpreter between me and my grandchildren I do not want. “he subtly to adopt and use the new Turkish words, traditions, and the importance of family values,” One day I kissed his hand, even my mother, did not go anywhere without his blessing. “he stated, honesty is more important than anything else, will bring success in the study do believe in the value olds, my dear father, Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, it was established on a solid foundation with a respectable values, our Group has been surely the development of its principles were drawn on the road.

Today, nearly thirty, especially with our company and our affiliates, including tourism and mining, construction, health care, telecommunications and other commercial areas continue our activities all over Turkey and abroad.

Traditions, experiences, and we believe our values resulting from the merger of a common identity with the power of innovative and pioneering spirit, all of us as employees of Dedeman, connects to each other and our company.