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Eyuboglu Harvard …
A significant accomplishment by a scholarship from Harvard University with 100 percent Eyu”bog(lu College 12 Small in the future to take part in the United Nations aims to Teoman-grader.

Eyuboglu since kindergarten and the 2012-2013 academic year studying young graduates a significant accomplishment by Teoman, which ranks first among the world’s best universities of Harvard University has accepted a scholarship to 100 percent. 34 thousand students from all over the world have applied to Harvard. When students are admitted to accept two thousand, the number of Turkish students was limited to only three people. Teoman Eyu”bog(lu College student is one of those young readers shared the secret of his success Newsletter.

Teoman, college applications abroad Which countries did you do? Why?
America, Britain, China and Canada applied to universities. United States and Canada for recognizing me the opportunity to study them more flexible and chose a large, advantages in terms of educational standards in universities in England and China, at the application stage was decisive for me.

What were the applicant universities do?
Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Columbia, Warwick, a total of 25 schools I applied, including McGill and UBC. Other schools, such as the Harvard referencing, except for certain reasons “Why Harvard?” Supposed to answer the question. Many refer to this … In response to a question asked in the “rankings because the first” or “very convenient in terms of scholarships to say” enough. Why is it that you want to clearly tell the school when applying to a school, you must prove that you type compositions and participating in interviews. A school, you can only work in your life will add prestige, will help you find a job or applying similar reasons, it is often this kind of being detected and eliminated most of the time candidates. University applications, especially abroad, should be looking for when choosing a school and it is a reason, and be able to express it clearly.