Other Sectors

Qmatic last 29 years, especially in the finance, health care, retail and public sector organizations in the four worked with a large number of private sector. However, these sectors are not the entire portfolio. Facilities to handle large numbers of people lining up of working in higher education, student affairs, travel ticket centers, large stadiums, training and examination centers, music halls, retail stores, casinos, natural disaster, emergency service locations and carried out important events as well as other areas of interest added to the .

Qmatic the focal point of its restructuring began to offer a solution to these additional sectors and others. Regardless of the type of work, in order to improve productivity and operational efficiency while providing statistics to improve the customer experience we have the expertise and knowledge.

Customer Flow Management solutions found to be flexible and versatile as well as management systems based on whether smoothly connected to each other by a comprehensive enterprise wide area network solutions offer everything. If you have a condition that requires you to enter the queue, a Qmatic solution that might work as well.