Port Services

Of our company in Istanbul harbor, docks, Galata and consists of Sal?pazar?.
Until the end of the last century did not have port facilities in Istanbul.
Galata quay construction began in 1892, was completed in 1900.
Sal?pazar? in 1910 and Karako”y (Galata) In addition to these two, and three warehouses were built in 1928.
Vessels in the port of Istanbul, making fresh water since 1925, charcoal making (bunker), commercial goods loading and unloading of guides, diving and salvage work began to be carried out.
Construction was completed in 1957 by the Ministry of Public Works TAO’na transferred to the Maritime Bank Sal?pazar? dock.
Until 1986, Istanbul is Turkey’s largest import port in the port of the load port operations, cargo limanc?l?g(?na ended in 1986.
Sal?pazar? port operations at the Port of Istanbul, which carried passengers since 1986, the world’s largest cruise line in the world increase in cruise passenger transport vessels (3000-3500 passenger capacity) are arranged scheduled flights.
By vessels from the port of Istanbul Istanbul Port enterprise Pilotage and Tugboat, Passenger, shelter and fresh water services.
In 2007, the current Karakoy passenger Passenger Hall and Hall No. 1 No. 2 of the rising demand in addition to the Passenger Lounge regulation of warehouse area has been completed.
Thus, the port of Istanbul, 4,000 m^(2) of 2, and 1. in the passenger area of 800 m^(2) with 3 pieces including passenger service.
These halls can be evacuated within one hour harbor cruise around 10,000.