Organizations and Associations

Associations and Unions
Germany, more than 500,000 have different associations and unions. These are organizations of people with common interests or goals. A member of an association of many people, among them children and teenagers as well. Such persons as honorary association, ie, as a volunteer, and take on a task without receiving payment. As a member of an association and you can take advantage of the association’s options meet many people with similar interests.

Associations and unions (also referred to as I), the organization may be a wide variety of topics. For example

Fitness clubs
Music clubs
Social associations
Youth clubs
Parents’ associations
Ensuring the protection of animals
Art associations
Cookery clubs
Computer clubs

Who want to establish a connection to the people around him and lived in nearby towns and people who are working for the people here, more quickly get used to the new homeland. For this reason, local resident associations advantage of the options offered.

But if you want to work with and be a member of a club near you that you do not know what associations, Citizens’ Services / Citizen Information Center, and the place of residence web page that can help you in this regard.

Many issues related to daily life and also helps associations and unions. For example, they provide support to families with children-related issues, diseases, or help in daily life when they need emergency assistance. Support a wide spectrum of possibilities. Learn about which organizations to be effective in your area.