IT Sector

Information Technology Sector Gaining Momentum
IT sector to increase its share in world trade, the growing importance of intellectual capital and information technology sector and industry increasingly turn to automated Given the strategic importance of the IT sector is emerging once again.

In addition, the life cycle of products and services offered to the IT sector, progress rapidly, technological developments, business organizations and customer demands change constantly depending on the professional qualifications needed piyasas?nca business brings new professions. People to develop themselves in the field of information technology in business or private life is very common. Persons acquired knowledge, skills and competencies can not find an opportunity to document most of the time. Characteristics required by the client is unable to provide the labor, the unemployed, unable to find work, so bulus,amamas? supply and demand in the job market appears to be a problem to be solved.

Establishment of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) Information Technology Sector has been working for the determination of the national occupational standards and national qualifications. Government, employees, employers and professional organizations uzlas,?s?yla, defines the minimum qualifications of the workforce needs of business life and the national occupational standards based on national or international standards, used for learning and assessment, an individual should have knowledge, skills and competence by defining FMC on the national qualifications prepared by organizations that are authorized in the sector. Testing and Certification process of national qualifications in question still carried out under the supervision of the VQA. The documenting the required qualifications TS EN ISO / IEC 17024 (Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons) within the system created in accordance with the certification bodies accredited by the FMC FMC yetkilendirilerek certificates to those who successfully pass the tests of these organizations be made available.

Prepared in conjunction with the business actors in the national occupational standards and national qualifications aims to prepare the ground for the formation of qualified human resources. As of today, information technology professionals in the industry standard 19 and 17 were prepared national qualification. Another component of the National Qualifications System in the measurement, evaluation, certification and accreditation bodies are made through authorized activities related to the VQA. TU”BI.DER Accredited certification body designated as the Association of IT Sector, Computer Hardware Lecturer (Level 4), Computer Hardware Element (Level 5), Network Technology Lecturer (Level 4), Network Technology Lecturer (Level 5) and Network Technology Specialist (Level 6) professions started the process of certification.

Technology Improvement Movement to Increase Opportunities (Fatih) project done under the intake of approximately 350 thousand smart board for the tender technical specification published by the Ministry of Transport. Service network of individuals who will act according to the specification of interactive boards Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) published by the Information Technology Support Staff (Level 4) National Certificate of Professional Competence should be familiar with the adequacy of FMC.

These developments in business life is of great importance in our country, those who have the FMC Certificate of Professional Competence, knowledge, skills and competence will have the opportunity to prove employment and better conditions for the employment of people will be continuous.