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Book donation to those who have limited access to

Libraries and publishers with rapidly evolving technology, digital broadcasters have to be in the race. Australia-based Mailbooks For Good project, a step that could advantage in the race and also takes on the task of social responsibility. Mailbooks For Good Read book donation project, the department, books, forgiveness is aimed at people who have limited access to books.

The Footpath Library BMF creative advertising agency, developed with help from the operation of this book donation project is extremely simple. Readers in their books, paper caps, turned upside down and put up with after reading the book. Take the form of paper folding cover mailing envelope, the envelope is the address of The Footpath Library. Read the paper cover only those who wish to donate to the book upside down, is enough to take to the mailbox. The Footpath Library books are reaching the poor people who have limited access to the books being delivered.

Mail box, shipping fee is not paid for the books taken by the users, because the fee paid by the library. However, this paper covers the books that have similar, slightly more expensive than other books. Not forgetting frankly, this paper covers only the Random House is now the fifth book publisher’s ridden. Those who want to learn more about the project, watch the video above.

We hope that publishing more similar projects in the future by providing resources, books, is conducive to reaching more people. And accompanying social responsibility projects in mind that you will also have innovative business ideas?