Garden Doctor – June

Deniz Celik High Landscape Architect expert at your garden can send your questions. Your name and do not forget to mention which city you live.

Let’s find SORULARINZA Reply! E-mails sent letters to write to us and we understand that many problems you encounter in your garden, mixing head. Now go in front of the computer and start writing your questions. EvBahc,e’de next month will be the answer.

When dealing with a garden, but in the knowledge that the greatest treasure. Read our little slice of questions and answers, increase your knowledge of gardening.
Question: raspberry, blackberry, wild strawberry fruits of the forest as a family we love. This kind of growing fruits in the garden can create the conditions?
Fatih Eyu”bog(lu / Mersin

Answer: These plants love sunny secluded places and damp soil, the soil should be rich in organic matter and permeable. If you grow better in slightly acidic soil structure. They do not like salty and chalky soils.
Question: I have Devetaban?m?n blackened leaves. What should I do? Can I repot this season?
I.lknur Authors / Canakkale

Answer: First, place the plant the places in your home semi-shade. Keep away from direct sunlight. Leaves in sunlight can cause burns, as well as nutritional deficiencies can be blackened leaves. To prevent this, the routine gu”breleyiniz balanced fertilizer. Be careful not to make too much water and sulamalar?n?z? balanced.