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About Park Bornova Outlet Center

Facility, as well as Izmir Izmir, the first real shopping mall “Outlet Center” concept is that. A new shopping center serving visitors management, quality brands and products in Turkey and the world has been providing its outlet prices. On the other hand market, cinema, bowling, go-kart, children’s play center, restaurant and cafe’ offers a private business opportunity to your enjoyment of the visitors.

Park Bornova Outlet Center, across the road from Ankara as well as Istanbul Ayd?n highway and highway and is easily accessible due to its proximity to the center of Bornova, large parking lot, parking problems to live, due to the one-story walk-comfortable, high ceilings provide a spacious environment is always a shopping center .

On an open area of about 33,000 square meters, 17,742 square meters of rentable area of 13,000 square meters of indoor building is located in Park Bornova.

Park Bornova, LC Waikiki, YKM., Wraps and Akt?ny?ld?z stores as well as well-established as the AVM’mizin, Kig(?l?, Factory Network, Mayer Business, Ruba, Abbate, D’S Ayd?nl? groom and incorporates many world brands in men’s clothing stores in the popular are located.

Underwear and PJs Spazyo coveted by women are among the outstanding examples of our stores. Black Point Perfume, Orka, decorations, Dacget and Ramsdell, Time and Clock, Park Optical, Sahram Bouquet Jewelry and Home Decor important stopping points for himself and his house take care of our customers.

Barc,?n Sports, Town – Blue Jeans, Iphone and Blackberry Consep and Turkcell in particular among young people preferred.

Desa, leather clothing and footwear, as well as Brand Samsonite offers a taste of our customers. Ranello atako”y and exclusive offers domestic and foreign footwear brand our visitors.

World of Imagination Toys, Smart Play, Sand Painting, Bowlroom Bowling, Cinemay Cinemas, and on the Go – Carting indispensable attraction places of entertainment fond of children and adults.

Kanz and Ayakbab?m chirping, colorful clothes and shoes with a choice of a tiny elite tastes serves visitors.

Samsung Intero electronics and white goods teknosa and offers the quality of the world.

Pleasure-i Safa, entertainment and outstanding flavors s?nmaktad?r at the same time. Burgerking, Pizza Gold, Blue Ko”ftecisi, Dove & Dove, Koshi Rotary, Exquisite Glass Egypt, Battalbey, Ekmekic,i, Eliac,?k, cook sugar, Edem Waffle Cafe Brasiliana and among O”zsu”t duraklar?m?z important flavor.

Tansas, and Gizay Massage Tools and Turtle Pet Shop, as well as dry cleaning, tailor and car wash services.