Deveyuku Computer Trading Co

ComputerDeveyuku since 2005 in the field of E-Commerce Computer Co.Ltd ( renewed infrastructure expert staff and customer satisfaction, guaranteed return Zeytinburnu’n sales system in Istanbul, spread over 2 floors with a total area of 1000 m2 in the physical stock, together with the product continues to collect all your favorite brands.

Affordable shopping your campaign products, financing options and a wide speed does not cut it with a gift points. The error itself, seeking a solution to domestic customers as well as unconsciously trying to look out of place in the forums to complain Customer Service with the problem of producing 100% solution-conscious shopping enthusiasts.

I can not say any way have no problems at the end of your shopping in our website. E-Commerce done without shopping. Minimum 2-year manufacturer’s warranties to you as a result of shopping original, unopened packaging ‘zero’, and we endeavor to offer the market’s cheapest. But we live in the physical stock, delays in supply or non-existent products, as well as the company dur delivery of products not related in any way with the transport of cargo to prevent deformation of the product during the live support to our esteemed customers expect.

Not to experience happy shopping with nasty surprises at the end of that match, you are at the beginning of the duties you control your product in front of the cargo officer arrives at your doorstep. Invoice and / or the product from moving any broken, crushed, due diligence on the product package, or there is an error tutturman?zd?r damage report. Complete your shopping from our company at the end of this report in the face of errors that may occur during the transport of the products from our company will earn the right to 100% exchange or refund.

DeveYuku we are committed to provide customer satisfaction in all circumstances. No way you can not generate the solution to your problems instead of sharing forum, or comparison sites to share with our company you will happy after shopping.