Military vehicle crashed

Civil military vehicle in the district of the town of Tarsus in Mersin Yenice vehicle collision, four soldiers and a civilian were injured in a total of 1, Sergeant Major.

Yenice Tarsus’nun accident occurred at the junction Cag University District D-400 highway.

Adana, Tarsus, depending on the direction of the Commander of the 52nd Ordnance Squadron military vehicle, allegedly as a result from excessive speed was out of hand. Ribbon against the military vehicle, Salih Turgay RS 505 26 plate car was hit by the administration. The accident, Sergeant Major in the vehicle and Emre Bunac?og(lu military, soldiers Tas,demir Mustafa Mustafa Aydemir, Abdullah Salih Turgay Esman and car driver were injured. The injured were taken to the hospital in ambulances sample of Tarsus and Adana State Hospital.

Report the accident area Tarsus Mersin Governor Orhan Sefik and the AK Party deputy Ahmet long Gu”ldibi went to the hospital, received information about the wounded. (DHA)

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