3 Judicial Pack, 3 thousand 200 prisoners was released

“3 Judgment Package “open prisons in Turkey after the entry into force of the law known as the evictions continue.

“Effectiveness of the Judiciary and the Press Release via order Amendments to Some Laws on Crimes and Punishments Postponement of Case Law”, until 31 December 2011, the press and broadcasting, through the description of the methods of thought and opinion, committed criminal fines as the basic shape or the upper limit of convictions for crimes punishable by imprisonment of not more than five years of those holding penalties given infazlar?n?n adjourned.

The law also the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) “criminal organization” and “extortion” prison sentences for offenses such as, in case of certain conditions be reduced says. Their release conditional period of less than one year as of July 5, 2012, and the remaining prisoners in open prisons demands of good conduct in the case of conditional sentences by applying a probation order release date of the execution of the part of the decision can be given.

Prisons in accordance with these regulations, or new regulation in favor of nature, which delayed the execution of the sentences of 900 prisoners were released as of yesterday.

Changes in the status of the individual files matching the prisoners under the law under review. Regulation is expected to be evacuated using a total of 3 thousand 200 prisoners.

What does the editing?
The new arrangement, the Anti-Terror Law (TMK) 13 Article repealed, the penalties imposed in the case of convictions for crimes within the scope of the law, under the general provisions of postponing the announcement of the provision, and the other option of postponing the possibility of sanctions was converted. Thus, under 2 years imprisonment for terrorist offenses and terrorist of the people are deprived of their liberty because of the food stamp increase their connections with terrorist organizations aimed to eliminate negativity from.

TMK 6 the fifth paragraph repealed, openly encouraged to commit a crime within the activities of the terrorist organization, committed crimes and criminals, praise or punishment to stop publication of periodicals containing propaganda for a terrorist organization before the implementation gec,ildi.x

Provisional Article shall be added to the Press Law No. 5187, issued on different dates, and some of the various courts subsequently abolished the confiscation of a large number of decisions on the printed works of the European Convention on Human Rights in accordance with the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, of obstacles to freedom of the press and expression revoked in order to remove.

Until December 31, 2011 by media or other description methods of thought and opinion rendered by the judicial and the basic shape of the upper limit of the fine or not more than five years of an offense punishable by imprisonment; postponement of the opening of the investigation stage of a criminal case, the prosecution phase postponement of the proceedings, postpone the execution of a final decision, which predicted convictions.