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7 to 10 June 2012

Tuyap Konya

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Military vehicle crashed

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Civil military vehicle in the district of the town of Tarsus in Mersin Yenice vehicle collision, four soldiers and a civilian were injured in a total of 1, Sergeant Major.

Yenice Tarsus’nun accident occurred at the junction Cag University District D-400 highway.

Adana, Tarsus, depending on the direction of the Commander of the 52nd Ordnance Squadron military vehicle, allegedly as a result from excessive speed was out of hand. Ribbon against the military vehicle, Salih Turgay RS 505 26 plate car was hit by the administration. The accident, Sergeant Major in the vehicle and Emre Bunac?og(lu military, soldiers Tas,demir Mustafa Mustafa Aydemir, Abdullah Salih Turgay Esman and car driver were injured. The injured were taken to the hospital in ambulances sample of Tarsus and Adana State Hospital.

Report the accident area Tarsus Mersin Governor Orhan Sefik and the AK Party deputy Ahmet long Gu”ldibi went to the hospital, received information about the wounded. (DHA)

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3 Judicial Pack, 3 thousand 200 prisoners was released

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Judicial Pack

“3 Judgment Package “open prisons in Turkey after the entry into force of the law known as the evictions continue.

“Effectiveness of the Judiciary and the Press Release via order Amendments to Some Laws on Crimes and Punishments Postponement of Case Law”, until 31 December 2011, the press and broadcasting, through the description of the methods of thought and opinion, committed criminal fines as the basic shape or the upper limit of convictions for crimes punishable by imprisonment of not more than five years of those holding penalties given infazlar?n?n adjourned.

The law also the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) “criminal organization” and “extortion” prison sentences for offenses such as, in case of certain conditions be reduced says. Their release conditional period of less than one year as of July 5, 2012, and the remaining prisoners in open prisons demands of good conduct in the case of conditional sentences by applying a probation order release date of the execution of the part of the decision can be given.

Prisons in accordance with these regulations, or new regulation in favor of nature, which delayed the execution of the sentences of 900 prisoners were released as of yesterday.

Changes in the status of the individual files matching the prisoners under the law under review. Regulation is expected to be evacuated using a total of 3 thousand 200 prisoners. Read more

Koneks Paint

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Koneks Paint

With many years of serving the construction and industrial paints Koneks Paint, 30 thousand tons / year and has gone on to increase its production capacity. Their factory, the market share of domestic and foreign investments in machinery and technology that they Muhammet Tuncel, General Manager of voicing Koneks Paint, paint, and in sub-materials ‘Coonex’ say that they have with the brand in the market. 8 thousand square meters closed area of 30 thousand tons / year capacity have been operating noticeable Tuncel, “in 2011 we aim to increase our capacity,” he said.
Stated that they have served abroad in Turkey Muhammet Tuncel industrialists and, at the same time appeal to a variety of sectors with products in the bodies edebildiklerini passed. On the basis of products, construction coatings, metal coatings, protective coatings, and stressed that Tuncel, automobile filters, farm equipment, aluminum profiles, electrical transformers and panels, solar collectors, steel doors, construction equipment, trailers, trailers, steel structures, tanks, chemical boilers, swimming pools, , bridges, piers, water treatment plants, thermal power plants, dams, shipyards, boats and ships produce protective coatings said.

Tuncel said that they placed on the market with a wide range of products, “industrialist provide advanced products and technical staff have created to get the best results. Plastic interior and exterior paints, roof coatings, silicone coatings, satin paints, acrylic paints and building protective coatings, industrial paints, synthetic paints, oven paints, cellulose paints, solvent based, solvent-free epoxy paints, zinc-rich, jeans, surface tolerant epoxy paints, high temperature resistant paints, water-based and water-based epoxy coatings industry is our product range, “he said. Read more

Compas Food Services Adana t fetetti

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Food Services

Compas Food Services LTD. STI. – Adana, which are active in the company of a meal.

Recently started to attract attention on the Internet.

Some of the best reviews about the company on the news agencies of internet users has been activated.

Arrangement of interviews with news agencies on whether the company-specific news about the company has uncovered the reality of the comments.

Adana due to that shortage of food is good and bad days has proved he deserves praise for saving this great Compas Dining Services.

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